Omar is Angry after House Dems Disobey her and Pass New Immigration Bill

Newly elected Democrats in the House of Representatives spent June 27 with the sinking feeling that it was happening again: Their party was going to cave to President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on a viscerally emotional issue. Just after a searing photo circulated of a father and his young daughter who had drowned in each other

Mediaite Questions Whether Anyone has Forgiven Omar for her Language

In the age of cancel culture, everyone from politicians to celebrities is under threat of falling victim to a career-ending controversy. The social norm has long been to apologize, repent, and express a change of heart. But does this really help, or hurt?

Studies suggest the latter.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren apologized after claiming Native American heritage. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam apologized after his racist medical school yearbook photo was made public. Rep. Ilhan Omar apologized for anti-Semitic language she used on Twitter in February.

But in all of these instances, has anyone offended really forgiven or forgotten?

Morgan Philips, “Trump Never Apologizes, Biden Rarely Does and A Major Study Suggests They