Rand Paul in Surgery Again after Omar Retweeted Praise for His Attacker

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says he underwent lung surgery in a procedure he says stems from injuries suffered when a neighbor tackled him outside his home in 2017.

The Republican lawmaker tweeted that part of his lung damaged in the assault was removed during the weekend surgery in Tennessee.

Paul expects to return to the Senate in September.

AP, “Rand Paul Undergoes Lung Surgery Stemming from Assault“, August 5, 2019

Omar Promotes Violence against Rand Paul with Retweet Mocking Assault on Senator

After Sen. Rand Paul offers to buy Rep. Ilhan Omar a ticket to Somalia so she can ‘appreciate America more,’ the Democrat congresswoman responds with a retweet mocking the violent assault on the Republican senator by a neighbor in 2017.

Fox News Video, “Ilhan Omar hits back at Rand Paul with retweet mocking assault on senator“, July 30, 2019