Ilhan Omar Criticizes HUD Secretary Ben Carson, But Claims Those Who Criticize Her Do So Because She’s Black and Muslim

HUD Secretary Ben Carson is a noted surgeon. Why does Ilhan Omar feel free to attack other blacks, but when people criticize her she claims its racist?

Omar Supporters Call Black Veteran a “Right-Wing Bigot”

One cannot reason with those who back Omar. But kudos to this vet for trying.

Note: This clip has no audio.

Ilhan Omar Wants to Overhaul U.S. Foreign Policy From the ‘Perspective of a [Non-Israeli] Foreigner’

Anti-Semitic Democrat[ic] Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who blames the current crisis in Venezuela on the United States, wants a “Green New Deal” style overhaul of U.S. foreign policy. Omar argues she is best suited to lead the charge for major foreign policy changes because she has “the perspective of a foreigner.”

…A few things. First, the United States provided Omar and her family refuge after they fled a violent, war torn country, for which she is deeply ungrateful. What exactly does “the perspective or a foreigner” mean? Last time I checked Omar was a naturalized American representing a U.S. Congressional District in Washington D.C.

Second, the U.S. provides more economic aid around the world than any other country. Currently, truckloads of food and medicine are sitting on the Venezuelan border and waiting for distribution to a starving population. Dictator Nicolas Maduro, who Omar supports, is refusing to allow humanitarian aid into the country. Further, the United States is the number one advocate for human rights around the world.

Katie Pavlich, “Ilhan Omar Wants to Overhaul U.S. Foreign Policy From the ‘Perspective of a Foreigner‘”, Townhall, May 27, 2019
Omar conceitedly assumes that she represents the opinions of all foreigners. Does she represent the opinions of these Israeli soldiers? It is unlikely that she does.

Vulgar Pro-Omar Demonstrators Show Their True Natures