Creepy Omar Defenders Are Outraged By Accurate NY Post Cover Story Criticizing Their Sainted Ilhan Omar

The usual suspects, including Reps. Tlaib and Octavio-Cortez, rush to defend Ilhan Omar’s description of 9-11 as merely “some people did something. These Uber-leftwing freakazoids are making all kinds of accusations against the NY Post, Republicans, and against everyone except Ilhan Omar.

In Her Speech to CAIR, Ilhan Omar Minimized The 9-11 Attack As “Some People Did Something”

I wonder who Rep. Ilhan Omar thinks did what on September 11, 2001.

Is she not sure? Does that make Ilhan Omar a 9-11 truther?

Or was Omar pandering to any 9-11 truthers who were lurking in the audience at CAIR, without being one herself? That is almost as bad.

Either way, Omar should tell us more about who she thinks did what on 9-11 lest she appear even crazier than usual.