Omar Is the Most Ungrateful Refugee That the US Has Ever Taken In

Her Black Hawk Down tweet is now infamous, where she claimed that Americans killed thousands of Somalis. Yeah, that’s because they were shooting at them. You cannot get any denser than this. Omar, who fled Somalia, has to be a top candidate for the most ungrateful refugee this nation has ever taken. And she knows better. She was educated here. She’s lived here for nearly two decades. None of the trash she has spewed is excused by some cultural barrier, which some Democrats tried to throw up as a reason for her anti-Semitic remarks on the Hill.

So, she sided with the Somali militias that were not just killing our troops, nut their own people through a brutal campaign of starvation during that civil war. Is it too much of a stretch for her to blame America on the Iran deal’s collapse? Nope.

Apparently, the failure of the deal was because Trump backed out of it. Yeah, it wasn’t due to the fact that Iran is a state-sponsor of terrorism, which you cannot trust, but got played expertly by a naïve White House occupied by Obama and negotiated by a secretary of state who is, well, intellectually disabled. Guy has documented endlessly the times Iran was working to circumvent the deal, and it’s not like it would prevent Iran from getting nukes anyway. Obama even admitted this deal wouldn’t do that. Upon the deal’s expiration, if we continued to honor this failed foreign policy initiative, Iran would have been permitted to go about doing what it has been doing: seeking nuclear weapons. 

Matt Vespa, “Bless Her Heart: Oh, So That’s Who Ilhan Omar Blames For The Death Of The Iran Nuclear Deal?“, Townhall, June 18, 2019
Stock photo of a nuclear power plant. Iran claims it merely seeks to develop nuclear power instead of nuclear weapons. But Iran is now reprocessing uranium to 20 percent. Commercial nuclear fuel is only enriched to less than four percent. Enriching uranium from 20 percent to weapons-grade only takes a small amount of additional reprocessing.

None of This Would Be Happening If Iran Was Not Seeking to Acquire Nuclear Weapons

It is bad enough that Iran already enriches uranium to almost four percent, which requires about two-thirds of the energy required to enrich uranium to ninety-percent weapons grade. Now Iran says it will enrich uranium to twenty percent, which is even closer to weapons grade. Standard nuclear fuel uses four-percent or less enriched uranium. So why is Iran enriching to twenty percent now, with more enrichment later if it does not get its way?

What conceivable motive could Iran have for enriching uranium to twenty percent?

Atomic Ilhan Blames Trump For Iran’s Weapons-Grade Uranium Enrichment Program