Snopes Suggested Earlier This Year That “Omar Has Something Untoward Related To Her Marriages That She’s Covering Up”

Here’s a blast from the recent past., attempting to verify or refute the statement that Omar engaged in immigration fraud, suggested earlier this year that Omar is lying about her marriage history. And Snopes declared the claim that Omar committed immigration fraud to be “unproven”, rather than false as it does with lies.

As more and more people examine this matter the truth will emerge. At that point the Ilhanomaniacs will declare that it doesn’t matter whether Omar engaged in immigration fraud, just as they now claim it doesn’t matter that a state agency fined Omar for diverting her campaign funds to her own personal use. Remember how Omar initially claimed that accusations that she diverted campaign funds to her personal use were a result of anti-black and anti-Muslim prejudice? The Ilhanomaniacs claimed to believe that. Not one of them has come forward and admitted that they were wrong, that Omar did in fact steal campaign funds to pay for, among other fraudulent purposes, a trip to Florida and accountants fees to pay for her personal tax returns.

Do not let the Ilhanomaniacs fool you. Ilhanomaniacs don’t care whether Omar engaged in immigration fraud, diverted campaign funds to personal use, made antisemitic statements, or falsely and knowingly filed joint tax returns with a man she was not legally married to.

Ilhanomaniacs don’t care. Their defenses of her repeated outrageous conduct are not statements of fact that the Ilhanomaniacs believe. Rather, they are simply an attempt to silence her critics and get them to go away by calling her critics “racist”, “right-wing” or even just “conservative”.

Ilhanomaniacs are in some way worse than Omar. Omar cannot help being a lawbreaking lunatic. But what excuse will those who vote for Omar in 2020 have?

Why did Omar’s 2016 campaign literature reference Ahmed Hirsi as her “husband” when she hadn’t yet divorced Ahmed Elmi or married Hirsi? Why did Omar say in her 2017 divorce filing that she’d had no contact with Elmi since June of 2011 when she was seemingly photographed with him in London in 2015? Why has Elmi not put the matter to rest by coming forward and explaining the nature of his relationship with Omar?

Perhaps Ilhan Omar has something untoward related to her marriages that she’s covering up. 

Bethania Palma, “Did U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar Marry Her Brother?“,, February 15, 2015
Omar in 2015 in London with first legal husband Elmi (on the far right). She testified in her divorce case in 2017 that she had not seen him since 2011 and had no idea where he was. Is her memory that short that she couldn’t remember being with him in London a mere two years earlier?

Additional evidence of the perjurious nature of Omar’s claim is that HTML code from this year on his sister’s website shows that Elmi coded the website. How difficult would it have been for Omar to ask Omar’s sister where her first legal husband was? He couldn’t have been very hard to find. Her sister obviously knew where he was.

Omar lied in her divorce case and about much else. I doubt she will get away with her claims that her marriage to Elmi was a real marriage rather than a sham for purposes of immigration fraud. The truth is slowly coming out.

I don’t understand people who say that since accusations that President Obama was born in Kenya are false, therefore accusations that Omar engaged in immigration fraud are false too.

It would be quite possible for President Obama to be born in Hawaii (he was of course) AND for Omar to have engaged in immigration fraud. The two statements are logically independent of each others.

But since when did Ilhanomaniacs ever care about facts or logic? Answer: never. So expect these idiots to continue to claim that since Obama was born in Hawaii therefore Omar could not have conducted a sham marriage for purposes of immigration fraud.

Star Tribune on Omar: “Fiction Has Apparently Become an Accepted Tool in National Political Discourse, as Long as the Storyteller Is in Your Clan”

1. As the old joke goes, never let the facts get in the way of the truth.

The piece detailed how Omar told some students that she had encountered an old woman who stole a $2 loaf of bread to feed her starving granddaughter. After spending the weekend in jail, Omar said, the woman faced an $80 fine she could not pay.

As the Post noted, Omar’s story echoed the plot of “Les Miserables.” Also, Minneapolis city officials said police aren’t allowed to arrest people for shoplifting unless there’s a likelihood of violence or further crime. Typically, shoplifters are sentenced to attend a three-hour class.
Omar acknowledged her likely error to the Post: “I’m not sure. … The details might not have all matched, but that’s what I remember.”

The piece later recounted Omar telling a group of veterans that about 45% of military families rely on food stamps. The Post corrected her: The actual number is less than 5%.

You ask: What about President Donald Trump and his daily inaccuracies? That just proves the point — fiction has apparently become an accepted tool in national political discourse, as long as the storyteller is in your clan.

J. Patrick Coolican,  “Takeaways from the profile of Ilhan Omar by the Washington Post“, (Minneapolis) Star Tribune, July 13, 2019
Cavemen are protective of members of their own clan but hostile to outsiders. It’s that way with Ilhan Omar’s supporters. They don’t care how many lies Omar tells, but get irate when Trump lies.

Ilhan Omar admits she ‘flubbed some facts’ when she claimed she saw a grandmother put on trial for shoplifting a $2 loaf for starving grandchild (hijacking the Les Mis story-line)

Representative Ilhan Omar admitted she may have not been completely honest when sharing a story of racial injustice.

Omar shared a story about witnessing an elderly black women be put on trail for stealing a $2 loaf of bread  to feed her starving grandchild.

She recently shared the incident with group of hundreds of high school students.

The Minnesota congresswoman said ‘the details might not have all matched, but that’s what I remember’.

She told the students she cursed in court when the woman was told she had to pay $80 for her crimes.

It was pointed out that her story was strikingly similar to  a plot line in the novel, play and film ‘Les Miserables’.

She conceded she may have ‘flubbed’ some of the details

Katelynn Caralle, “Ilhan Omar admits she ‘flubbed some facts’ when she claimed she saw a grandmother put on trial for shoplifting a $2 loaf for starving grandchild (hijacking the Les Mis story-line)“, Daily Mail, July 9, 2019
When Donald Trump confused a movie plot with real life people ridiculed him for it. Don’t expect the defenders of Ilhan Omar to ridicule her for cribbing a story line from Les Miserables in her made-up story to high school students.

Washington Post Accuses Omar of Lying

After spending the weekend in jail, the woman was led into the courtroom and fined $80 — a penalty she couldn’t pay. “I couldn’t control my emotions,” Omar continued, “because I couldn’t understand how a roomful of educated adults could do something so unjust.” 

“Bulls—!” she recalled yelling in the courtroom.

Laughter rippled through the auditorium, then silence.

Omar’s story echoed the plot of “Les Miserables.” If true, it is also probably embellished. City officials said that police aren’t allowed to arrest people for shoplifting unless there’s a likelihood of violence or further crime. Typically, shoplifters are sentenced to attend a three-hour class. 

In an interview, Omar said she may have flubbed some facts. “She might have had a prior [arrest],” Omar said. “I’m not sure. . . . The details might not have all matched, but that’s what I remember.”

Greg Jaffe and Souad Mekhennet, “Ilhan Omar is unlike anyone who has served in Congress. This is her complicated American story“, Washington Post, July 7, 2019
The Washington Post suggests Omar has started cribbing stories from Les Miserables.

Evidence of Omar’s Perjury in her Divorce Case Mounts

Representative Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) has long dismissed the accusation that she married her brother in order to skirt U.S. immigration law, but a clue uncovered in the source code of her sister’s website suggests that the freshman congresswoman may have perjured herself to hide her ex-husband’s whereabouts when filing for a divorce in 2017.

Omar, in an effort to obtain a no-fault divorce from her then-husband Ahmed Elmi, testified under oath in 2017 that she had not seen or heard from Elmi since 2011 and was unable to locate him because they had no mutual acquaintances, and that she did not know the names of any of his immediate family members. But website code reviewed by the Daily Caller suggests that Elmi designed a website for Grit Partners, a health-care-consulting company run by Omar’s sister, Sarah Noor, that same year.

The Grit Partners website includes code, generated by the web-design platform Squarespace, that links to the company’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. Elmi’s name is included in that code: “screenname: Ahmed Elmi” and “UserName: ahmednelmi,” the code reads.

Jack Crowe, “Clue Hidden in Website Code Fuels Speculation on Rep. Omar’s Marital History“, National Review, June 24, 2019
Omar claimed in her 2017 divorce testimony that she had no idea where her legal husband #1 Mr. Elmi, was. Omar also stated under oath that she had no way to find out where Elmi was. However, login information generated by Squarespace web design software shows that Elmi developed Omar’s sister’s website in the same year that Omar testified that she had no idea where he was.

That is one of many connections between Elmi and Omar demonstrating that Omar’s account of her marriage and divorce to Elmi is a sham. The purpose of Omar’s sham is to cover up her participation in immigration fraud. It is also probable that the beneficiary of the fraud, Elmi, is her half-brother. He has in the past identified himself as the son of Omar’s father. In addition, he referred in social media to Omar’s daughter as his niece.

Omar Claims 500 Americans a Day Die of Gun Violence. The True Number is About 100, of which Most Are Suicides

That drew a retweet from a Democratic colleague, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who added this statement:

“Supporting my colleagues’ call on Senate Majority Leader to vote on H.R. 8, 1112 & 1158. Gun violence is an epidemic. Every day on average 500 people die from gun violence. How many more lives will we let gun violence claim?”

At 500 per day, that would be 182,500 deaths per year from gun violence in the United States.

The actual figure is nowhere near that high.

Tom Kertscher, “Rep. Ilhan Omar’s claim is high: There aren’t 500 gun deaths per day in the US, it’s closer to 100“, Politifact, June 12, 2019
A dog joins a protest against gun violence. Protesting against gun violence is good. However, Omar’s lies about gun violence do nothing to advance the cause. The Minnesota congresswoman is too lazy to look anything up and simply spouts whatever fake news pops into her head at the time.

Her supporters see no problem with her behavior. But when Trump spouts fake news they are up in arms.