A Former Miss Iraq Denounces Omar as Being Unrepresentative of Millions of Muslims in the Middle East

Idan, 29, said Omar ‘does not represent millions of Muslims in the Middle East’
The beauty queen went on to label Omar ‘anti American’ and ‘anti-Semitic’
Idan previously said she faces being stripped of her Iraqi citizenship after she spoke out against the state and in support of Israel at the Human Rights Council

In 2017 she posed for a photo with Miss Israel at the Miss Universe pageant

Lauren Fruen, “Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan says Ilhan Omar ‘does not represent me as a Muslim’ before the lawmaker hits back saying she is not her congresswoman“, Daily Mail, August 8, 2019

President Trump Becomes Slightly More Popular After Criticizing Omar

President Trump’s approval rating held steady in July amid stabile job growth and fresh controversy over the president’s attacks against four minority congresswomen, according to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released exclusively to The Hill.

Forty-five percent of respondents in the poll said they approve of the job Trump is doing, up 1 point from a similar survey the previous month.

The poll was conducted at the tail end of a tumultuous month in which the president unleashed a series of attacks against Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) and Ayanna Pressley (Mass.).

Max Greenwood, “Trump approval rating holds steady at 45 percent: poll“, The Hill, August 2, 2019

Store Owner Who Rightly Called Omar an “Idiot” Gets Wrongly Accused of Incitement by Omaraholics

Photo from the Cherokee Guns Facebook page. Nothing in this billboard suggests harming Omar or her League of Idiots. Cherokee Guns is the name of the advertiser’s business, which is one mile up the road from this billboard.

Minnesotans at a County Fair Criticize the “Pretty Shady” Omar

Carnahan, a Korean adoptee, said she’s proud of America and doesn’t understand “the negativity and the constant hate” voiced by Omar, including the congresswoman’s criticism of Israel, which some regard as having had anti-Semitic undertones…

As he watched his daughter Samantha, 14, compete in a keyhole horse race, Scott Brunsvold, 56, of Eyota, Minn., said he’ll probably vote for Trump again. He likes the president’s pro-business policies and thinks allegations about Omar’s tax and immigration history should be investigated…

Aaron Olson echoed those points as he lounged in Emerson Arena near his champion Brown Swiss cow. He called Omar “pretty shady” and predicted that Trump’s criticism will help him with rural voters. A Trump supporter, Olson, 42, farms and works at Geotek.

Judy Keen, “Trump’s feud with Rep. Ilhan Omar influences the fight for Minnesota in 2020“, Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 27, 2019
Aaron Olson was showing a brown Swiss Cow like this one at a Minnesota state fair when he described Ilhan Omar as “pretty shady.” I’ll say! Best wishes to Mr. Olson and his cow.

Even a True-Blue Omar-Believer Admits It: The White Working Class Does Not Like Omar

The very working white people Trump himself claims to represent.

Domenica Ghanem, “Ilhan Omar Is Fighting for the White Working Class—Even as They Chant ‘Send Her Back’“, Newsweek, July 26, 2019
It’s true. Ilhan was a little undercooked this time. Send her back!

Omar Supporters Physically Threaten Restaurant Owner after He Supported “Send her Back” Chant

Canesa posted a video where he shared his personal views. “As for the ‘Send her back!’ comment: Harsh, yes. But, however, it’s my First Amendment right. Freedom of Speech,” he said. 

Most all of Canesa’s Brooklyn Heros’ Facebook posts have either been removed or made private. Canesa said he’s even received threats since publishing the July 19 post.

Janet Winikoff, “John Canesa: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know“, Heavy, July 25, 2019
Omar supporters also yelp-bombed Canesa’s business, causing Yelp to put up the following notice on his Yelp listing.

Trump Credits Omar For His Impending 2020 Victory in Minnesota

Republicans have lost Minnesota in every presidential election since 1972

Clinton beat Trump there by just 1.5 points, the narrowest since 1984 

President now claims he will win the blue state in 2020 because of Ilham Omar

Omar has pledged to be his ‘nightmare’ and called him less than human

She has fought repeated anti-Semitism accusation driven by her own statements 

David Martosko, “‘You know why I’m going to win that state? Because of her!’ Trump claims backlash over ‘anti-Semite’ Ilhan Omar will hand him Minnesota in 2020 despite Democrats carrying the state in EVERY election since 1972“, Daily Mail, July 23, 2019

St. Louis Park Reinstates Pledge of Allegiance After Omar Got Blamed For Banning It

Over the weekend, the president’s Twitter attacks on the Squad continued. On Sunday, Trump said he didn’t believe the Squad members were “capable of loving our country.” On Monday, he called them “racist troublemakers” who were pulling the Democratic Party to the far left.

On Sunday, Omar didn’t directly address Trump’s weekend tweets while at a Black Business Week event in the Twin Cities, but she did say that “racism is fatiguing” and gets in the way of her work “undoing systems of oppression.”

Trump’s tweet Tuesday was the second time this month where he predicted he’ll win Minnesota in 2020. The first happened amid a controversy surrounding the dropping of the Pledge of Allegiance at St. Louis Park city council meetings. The pledge has since been reinstated.

WCCO 4 CBS Minnesota, “Ilhan Omar Called ‘Nightmare For America’ In Trump’s Latest Twitter Attack On ‘The Squad’“, July 23, 2019
Omar got blamed for the city of St. Louis Park in her district banning the pledge of allegiance at City Council meetings. The outrage was so intense that the City Council later reversed its decision.

President Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Record High After He Criticizes Omar

Well into his third year in office, President Trump’s approval rating has reached a record high, according to a poll released Monday.

Trump’s approval rating hit 44 percent in the new NPR/NewsHour/Marist poll, the highest level at which it’s been recorded in any mainstream opinion poll with the exception of a a July 7 Washington Post poll that recorded 47 percent approval.

Respondents were surveyed from July 15 to July 17, in the days following the president’s tweet instructing four freshman congresswoman of color to “go back” to their home countries.

Jack Crowe, “Trump Approval Rating Hits Record High in New Poll“, National Review, July 22, 2019

CNN Credits Fox With Inspiring Trump’s Opposition to Omar

Judging by his tweets, President Donald Trump’s views about freshman congresswomen like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been shaped partly by the severely critical things he has heard on Fox News.

So we looked more closely and came away with two big findings. First, Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad” mate Ilhan Omar have been talked about a lot more on Fox than on other cable news channels this year. Second, the freshmen have been getting more attention on cable than seasoned leaders of the Democratic Party.

Trump’s week-long criticism of the “The Squad,” including his “go back” tweet, has intensified these dynamics.

Brian Stelter, “How Fox News fuels Trump’s fixation with AOC and Ilhan Omar“, CNN Business, July 22, 2019