Full Text of Police Report Shows Why a Surly and Combative Omar was Arrested in 2013

Since Omar refused to comply with orders, the police officer arrested her.

The officer reached for Omar’s left arm to get her to stand so she could be handcuffed, but she pulled away. The officer handcuffed her while she stayed seated in the hotel lobby chair.

“Omar was booked at [Hennepin County Jail] as I felt it was likely that she would fail to respond to a citation and she also demonstrated that she was going to continue her criminal behavior,” the officer wrote.

Milne News, May 5, 2019

Snopes Confirms That Minneapolis Police Arrested Ilhan Omar for Suspicion of Trespassing in 2013

The article included what appeared to be an authentic police report. The first two pages matched a document provided to Snopes by Minneapolis city officials, which detailed that Minneapolis police Officers Oscar Macias and Bill Peterson arrested Omar at the Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis, just after midnight on 19 January 2013. She was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor trespass under Section 609.605 of the Minnesota Statutes and booked into Hennepin County Jail. 

A brief description of the arrest stated that:

“[Omar] was given repeated opportunities to leave the hotel on her own free will, however she refused to leave even after being verbally trespassed by uniformed Minneapolis police officers and informed that she would be placed under arrest for trespassing. [Omar] was booked at HCJ [Hennepin County jail] in order to prevent further criminal conduct.”

Dan MacGuill, “Did Minneapolis Police Arrest U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar on Suspicion of Trespassing in 2013?“, Snopes, May 3, 2019