Veteran Broadway Actress Patti LuPone Defends Omar and Repeats Omar’s Gay-baiting of Lindsey Graham

Graham came to the defense of Donald Trump this week after Trump tweeted racist comments telling four congresswomen to “go home.” He also allowed a crowd at one of his rallies to chant “send her back,” in response to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

LuPone apparently took issue to Graham’s defense of Trump’s racism, issuing a tweet calling the senator a “disgrace.”

“Lindsey Graham you are a disgrace,” she wrote. “On a personal note, why don’t you just bite the bullet and come out. You might just come to your senses.”

Rhuaridh Marr, “Patti LuPone criticized for telling Lindsey Graham to ‘come out“, Metro Weekly, July 19, 2019
Broadway actress Patti LuPone

Omar gay-baited Sen. Graham last January, claiming that he had been “compromised”.

Omar Tweets That She Will Help Tlaib Defend Her Congressional Seat

At the Jewish federation round table, there was a consensus: The Palestinian-American freshman in the 13th District has got to go.

“We in this community will go against Rashida Tlaib,” said Lisa Lis, a philanthropist who is also a contributor to Democratic candidates, and who otherwise during the roundtable was vocal in her criticism of President Donald Trump.

There were nods around the table. I was told that there had already been outreach to Brenda Jones, the Detroit City Council president whom Tlaib defeated in last year’s primary, and who is considering another run. I was also told that pro-Israel folks were already socking away money to target Tlaib.

Ron Kampeas, “Detroit Jews are caught between a rock named Trump and a hard choice among Democrats“, JTA, August 2, 2019

Omar has commented on Matt Duss’s reaction to this JTA article:

Following his Comments Defending Omar, ESPN Sports Host Dan Le Batard Agrees to Consult with his Bosses before Discussing Politics Again

Dan Le Batard isn’t leaving ESPN anytime soon, and though he certainly has a problem with the way the company handles politics, he apparently plans to follow the rules. Le Batard missed some scheduled appearances on his ESPN radio show and his TV show, Highly Questionable, last week after a fiery criticism of the way the Worldwide Leader handles political conversations on the network. 

Le Batard said ESPN didn’t have the stomach for talking politics, instead using athletes as a “meat shield” and waiting for them to mention politics first before wading into political issues. The criticism came in light of Donald Trump’s “send her back” comments about a Muslim congresswoman of color, Ilhan Omar, comments that Le Batard lambasted as “obviously racist.”

Those comments were followed by some outcry about ESPN’s perceived political leanings, as well as a reckoning with ESPN brass for his comments, which flew directly in the face of ESPN’s public and private policies about politics. Le Batard reportedly met with ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro about the policy and his comments, and eventually missed his radio show on Monday. He had since returned to the airwaves and had decided to stay with the network, but now it seems he will be more careful with sharing his politics.

Ryan Nagelhout, “Dan Le Batard Will Reportedly ‘Check With Higher-Ups’ At ESPN Before He Talks Politics Going Forward“, Uproxx, July 27, 2019
ESPN management contends that sports fans have differing political views, and that in order to appeal to all of them ESPN must avoid political discussions that are extraneous to sports. Ilhan Omar is one of those.

Trump Coins a New Name for Omar and Her Accomplices: “AOC Plus 3”

He has zeroed in on Omar, saying that she is Anti-Semitic and has spoken about “how great Al Qaeda is.”

Omar sparked outrage in February when she suggested in a tweet that members of Congress support Israel for money writing “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.”

Hours after the tweet, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and leadership issued a statement saying Omar’s “use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters” were offensive. They called on her to apologize.

Jacqueline Tempura, “President Donald Trump: ‘AOC Plus 3 are a nightmare for America!’“, MassLive, July 23, 2019
More than half a century after the British rock group Unit 4 +2 had a hit record “Concrete and Clay” in the US, a new group AOC Plus Three is achieving prominence although not popularity. Omar has a 19 percent favorability rating and a 36 percent unfavorability rating. The gap between Omar’s unfavorability and favorability rating is larger than Trump’s!

Here’s hoping that Democratic voters in MN-5 get the message that Omar is bad for MN-5, bad for Minnesota, bad for the Democratic Party and bad for America. But will they listen?

ESPN Briefly Suspends Host Who Criticized Trump for Criticizing Omar. More Punishment May Follow

The offending segment of Le Batard’s show happened on Thursday, when he took aim at President Donald Trump for his immigration policies and the rally speech that sparked a crowd of people to chant “send her back” in reference to Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who is a Somali-born naturalized citizen.

Le Batard was absent from his show for an hour on Friday, the day after the offending segment, and did not appear on the show at all on Monday. According to John Ourand of Sports Business Daily, the choice to take Monday off was Le Batard’s, and not part of any punishment issued by the network. Le Batard reportedly told ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro that he “was not in the right frame of mind” to do his show on Monday.

Pitaro instituted the network’s no-politics policy shortly after he took the job in March 2018. That particular segment of Le Batard’s show clearly violates that policy, and according to Sports Business Daily, Le Batard spent the weekend trying to convince Pitaro to relax the policy.

Liz Roscher, “Dan Le Batard takes day off from radio show as ESPN mulls punishment“, Yahoo Sports, July 22, 2019

Tucker Carlson Finds a Silver Lining in Trump’s Overly-Broad Criticism of Disloyal Immigrants

The consensus in Washington is that Trump made a mistake by once again making the story about himself. Maybe that’s true. Time will tell.

But there’s another way to look at it. By singling out these four members of Congress, the president also highlighted their prominence in the Democratic Party.

Six months ago, these were just four young lefties in a sea of 235 House Democrats. Now, they arethe Democratic Party. If you don’t believe it, you must have missed the press conference all the channels took live on Monday. The congresswomen said a lot which will help define the Democratic Party going forward. For example, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, explaining that the president is not really the president?

Tucker Carlson, “Tucker Carlson: When AOC, Ilhan Omar and the ‘squad’ are talking, Democrats are losing“, Fox News, July 16, 2019
Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) may or may not dislike America, but she is not an immigrant. The only place she can go back to is metropolitan Detroit. Carlson incorrectly refers to her as a “young lefty”. She is 42 years old.

Stupidest Defense of Ilhan Omar Yet: “Rep. Ilhan Omar Has Been A U.S. Citizen Longer Than Melania Trump”

Donald Trump presumably doesn’t question his wife’s right to criticize her adopted country.

David Moye, “Rep. Ilhan Omar Has Been A U.S. Citizen Longer Than Melania Trump“, Huffington Post, July 15, 2019
Sicilian-born mobster Charles “Lucky” Luciano was also a US citizen longer than Melania Trump. So what?

California Democratic Party Condemns Trump for Allegedly Fomenting Violence Against Omar

Resolution 19-05.74 calls on the Democratic Party to condemn “President Trump and the media for targeting and fomenting hate and violence against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.” Missing is any condemnation, let alone mention, of Omar’s record of anti-Semitism.

Omar has tweeted about AIPAC buying congressional support with “Benjamins” ($100 bills) and she has falsely accused Israel of “hypnotizing the world.” Although she claimed not to realize these comments were anti-Semitic and she eventually apologized, her anti-Semitism continued.

She promoted the anti-Semitic canard of dual loyalty (“I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK to push for allegiance to a foreign country”) and falsely accused her “Jewish colleagues” of being anti-Muslim simply because they rightly called out her anti-Semitism. Resolution 19-05.74 should have condemned Omar and made it clear that California Democrats abhor and reject her views.

David Kadosh, “California Democrats need to stop demonizing Israel“, Jewish News of Northern California, July 13, 2019
California Democratic Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris is pro-Israel, but unfortunately the same far-leftists that infest the Democratic Party elsewhere are in her home state of California as well. These far-leftists were able to pass a California Democratic Party resolution defending Omar. No mention of Omar’s antisemitism, homophobia, immigration fraud or theft of campaign funds.

Author of Washington Post Puff Piece Absolves MN-5 Voters of Supporting Omar’s Anti-Americanism

Omar’s hatred of the US does not only reflect how some foreigners see us. It probably also reflects how most MN-5 voters see the US. If they don’t see it that way too then they won’t reelect her.