Omar’s Chief Fixer Says that the Star Tribune Colluded With Omar’s Staff to Squelch a Negative Article

EMAILS: via Powerlineemails from Ilhan Omar’s “crisis team” as discovered in the investigation into her campaign finance violation case.  

DETAILSBen Goldfarb suggests that someone reach for an off the record and “shut it down” via an off the record conversation when referring to Morning Take and Blois Olson after we linked to a story questioning Omar’s status in Powerline.

VERBATIM: “as we do with the Strib” 

NOTE: No one ever reached out.  We weren’t “shut down”.
TAKE: This is the type of reporting that other media should be doing, which is why there continues to be fair criticism about local coverage of Omar and others.

Blois Olson, Morning Take, June 13, 2019
In this email, Omar staffer Ben Goldfarb and other discuss ways to squelch negative press, including claims that the negative press is due to Omar being Somali. One has to wonder how stupid Omar’s staff thinks the public is to fall for this nonsense. Unfortunately, some of our more leftist friends do fall for it. Or else they promote it thinking that others will fall for it.

Omar Intends to Join the Black-Jewish Caucus But Accuses the Group’s Cofounder of “Bigotry”

The members are Reps. Brenda Lawrence, D-Mich, Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., Will Hurd, R-Texas and John Lewis, D-Ga., a revered veteran of the 1960s civil rights movement.

Omar expressed her support for the caucus in a tweet on WednesdayShe later clarified that her endorsement of the caucus wasn’t an endorsement of Zeldin, with whom she has feuded on Twitter.

The Jewish Republican has called the Muslim Democrat anti-Semitic. She has retweeted others who called Zeldin Islamophobic. In a tweet about the black-Jewish caucus, she wrote of “Zeldin’s bigotry.” Zeldin in turn accused Omar  of trying to “poison” the new coalition.

Ilhan Omar Criticizes HUD Secretary Ben Carson, But Claims Those Who Criticize Her Do So Because She’s Black and Muslim

HUD Secretary Ben Carson is a noted surgeon. Why does Ilhan Omar feel free to attack other blacks, but when people criticize her she claims its racist?

Who’s Bullying Whom?

Omar also lashes out with the confidence that she can get away with saying whatever she likes and nothing will happen.

So far, all these hate mongers have been given a pass by the Democratic party.

The hate perpetuated by Omar and her ilk is very dangerous. As we know from the new documentary Kids: Chasing Paradise by Clarion Project, hate leads to radicalization which leads to violence. 

Raheel Raza, Clarion Project, “Who’s Bullying Whom?“, May 16, 2019

A Failed Congressional Candidate in a Heavily Jewish District Tries to Defend Omar’s Antisemitism

Looks like Keith has a new bestie, which could be a problem for her if she decides to run for Florida’s 18th Congressional District seat again. A portion of that district is in Palm Beach County, which has a large Jewish population.

Sister Toldjah, “”, RedState, May 15, 2015

Snopes Runs Interference for Ilhan Omar by Once Again ‘Fact-Checking’ the Babylon Bee

Snopes … the fact-checking site that fact-checks satirical bits from sites like the Babylon Bee that, say, make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez look like an idiot but are close enough to make people wonder if they’re true.

Now Snopes is at it again, running interference for a freshman Democrat congresswoman who’s made a reputation for saying outrageous things, some anti-Semitic and some outright ignorant. But guys, seriously, stop fact-checking humor sites.

Brett T., “Snopes runs interference for Ilhan Omar by once again ‘fact-checking’ the Babylon Bee”, Twitchy, May 9, 2019 “Corrects” Satirical Christian Website in Order to Defend Ilhan Omar

People on Facebook and Twitter attacked Omar and cited a link from Babylon Bee, not recognizing it was fictional. This is how the Bee began its satirical piece: 

“””WASHINGTON, D.C. — When Israel responded with airstrikes to over 600 rockets fired at them from Gaza, many defended this as a justified act of defense. Representative Ilhan Omar lashed out against this view, saying on Twitter about Israel, ‘If they’re so innocent, why are they Jews?’

Omar pointed out how many in Israel continue in the extremely hostile act of being Jewish, provoking all of the people around them. ‘They want people to feel sorry for them,’ Omar said, ‘but they’re just out there, every day, being Jews. It’s almost like they’re taunting everyone.’”””

Snopes complained people are NOT bright: 

“””Unfortunately, satire often isn’t recognizable as such in social media posts, which rarely carry the appropriate disclaimers, nor on blogs and websites (such as that repost articles from sites such as The Babylon Bee without alerting readers that they’re satirical in nature. Under such conditions, the distinction between satire and misinformation is effectively meaningless.”””

Tim Graham, “ Rushes to Defend Ilhan Omar AND Whack Babylon Bee Jokers Again“, Newsbusters, May 12, 2019 Debunks an Obviously Satirical Article Which Spoofed Ilhan Omar

Snopes — arguably the most liberal and inessential of the “fact-checking” services that have grown like kudzu since the 2016 election and the “fake news” scare — felt the need to address an article by The Babylon Bee, a Christian/conservative-leaning satire site I’m assuming most of our readers are at least vaguely familiar with.

Here was the obviously satirical headline for the obviously fake article, published May 6: “Ilhan Omar: ‘If Israel Is So Innocent, Then Why Do They Insist On Being Jews?’”

I think everyone gets the joke just by seeing that much. Rep. Omar tends to shift the responsibility for blatantly anti-Semitic remarks onto Israel, because after all, she’s really just criticizing their policies. You don’t even have to read the article to get the point. The headline suffices.

C. Douglas Golden, “Notoriously Liberal Snopes Debunks Satire Article Quote Critical of Ilhan Omar“, Conservative Tribune, May 11, 2019

Meghan McCain Schools Seth Meyers About Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitic Incitement

Meyers is referring to an April 28 panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week” where several panelists insisted President Trump’s rhetoric on immigration could be associated with the synagogue shooting near San Diego. McCain countered that we should pay attention to extremism on “both sides” of the aisle and recalled Omar’s ugliest tweets about Jewish money and how Jews “hypnotized” the world. It’s apparently not “dangerous” to the president when you try to tie him to a synagogue shooting.

When McCain refused to retract anything she said, Meyers said he was trying to find “common ground.” That’s laughable. He was shaming. And he repeated himself. “I’m just someone who cares about the fact that there’s someone out there who is in a minority, who has had death threats against her, and I think that we should all use the same language,” he said. “You’re asking her to be careful about her language, and I would ask everyone to be careful about theirs.”

Does Meyers really think he and his fellow late-night lecturers are careful about their language? Stephen Colbert calling Trump Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “c–k holster”? Samantha Bee calling the president’s daughter a “feckless c–t”? Is that “careful”?

Brent Bozell and Tim Graham, “Seth Meyers, Ilhan Omar’s Publicist“, Townhall, May 10, 2019