MN Democratic Party Failed to Vet Omar Before Choosing Her

Kudos to reporters J. Patrick Coolican and Stephen Montemayor for their well-written and detailed piece regarding U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage history (“Omar’s past haunts her present,” June 23).

As a resident of the Fifth District, I am disgusted with the DFL leaders who chose and promoted Omar without enough vetting. I am progressive, but I don’t care who you are: If you lie, hide information, perform illegal acts … you do not belong in political office.

The man at the top of government (Donald J. Trump) has been instrumental in creating this culture of deceit and illegality, and the Republican Party has enabled this culture by not responding appropriately.
Omar has been nothing but a lightning rod with her volatile comments that do nothing to serve the residents of the Fifth District. Enough already; clean up this mess.
Find a legitimate, honest person to serve this district.

John M. Bell, Letters, Star Tribune, June 26, 2019

Mystery Robocalls Poll MN-5 Residents About a Potential Primary Challenge to Omar

After Omar’s antisemitism scandal broke, Minneapolis Vice-Mayor Andrea Jenkins expressed her full support for Omar. Jenkins even promised to donate to Omar’s 2020 campaign. It may be that this polling is simply using Jenkins’ name but that the intended candidate, if she exists, is someone else.

It would be welcome news indeed if this poll is on behalf of Democratic opponents of Omar. Every day the news about Omar gets worse and worse. Her joint proposal with Bernie Sanders to forgive all student debt, even for wealthy doctors, is grossly misguided.

MN-5 Needs You, Al Franken

How many “missteps” by Omar are enough? They continue on a regular basis. I, for one, long ago had enough. I demand an ethics investigation at a very minimum.

Al Franken, if you are reading this, please run against Omar in the next election!

Kathy Peterson, Letters, (Minneapolis) Star Tribune, June 12, 2019
Al Franken grew up in St. Louis Park in MN-5, which Omar currently sort of represents, poorly. Let’s draft Al Franken to save the DFL from further humiliation at the hands of Omar and her nutball supporters. Let’s make the 2020’s the “Al Franken Decade” all over again!

University of Minnesota Politics Professor Larry Jacobs Says “There’s Also a Chance Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Could Face a Primary Challenger”

On top of Democrats and Republicans battling each other, there’s also a chance Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar could face a primary challenger after a series of controversies, including statements about Israel and campaign finance violations.

“The only way an incumbent Democrat would lose in the 5th District is if another Democrat could launch a successful challenge in a primary,” Jacobs said.

However, he says a House Democratic incumbent has never lost a primary in Minnesota history.

Tom Houser, “Minnesota back in 2020 election spotlight“, KSTP-TV, June 10, 2019