Who is Ilhan Omar Representing? Because it isn’t America

Think about Nancy Pelosi. She won’t remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Relations Committee because, why, because she thinks so little of America? Who is she representing? Because it isn’t America with her thoughts and her regrettable remarks about September 11 and three thousand victims who lost their lives that day.

Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs Tonight, Fox Business Network, April 17, 2019 at 1:00 into the video

Ilhan Omar, Harbinger of Democratic Decline?

Contrary to claims by some of her apologists, the remark is not taken out of context, it is not contradicted by anything else she says in the speech, and it is not marred merely because it is factually mistaken. (CAIR was founded seven years before 9/11.) Nor is the problem a matter of inapt phrasing: Omar is a confident public speaker with a precise command of language and a knack for turning a phrase.

The problem is that the remark is foul.

Bret Stephens, “Ilhan Omar, Harbinger of Democratic Decline”, New York Times, April 18, 2019

Sadly, the Majority of Her Democratic Colleagues Have Given Her a Pass

I have no issue with Ilhan Omar as an elected member of Congress. But I do have an issue when the congresswoman continues to foment anti-Semitism with her public statements. 

Sadly, the majority of her Democratic colleagues have given her a pass. Some of her colleagues excused her for being ignorant. Some of her colleagues called her inexperienced. Some of them said that they will try to