Omar’s Married Boyfriend Denies He’s Her Boyfriend

In his first public response, Mynett filed papers last week in D.C. Superior Court rebutting last week’s divorce filing by his wife, D.C. physician Beth Mynett, who claimed he had revealed a romantic relationship with Omar in April when the couple separated.

“Mr. Mynett denies that he told Ms. Mynett he was leaving the marriage for Representative Ilhan Omar or that he was in love with her,” says Tim Mynett’s filing. A spokesman in Omar’s congressional office reiterated Wednesday that she would not respond to inquiries about her personal life. In an interview last week with WCCO-TV, Omar responded “no I am not” to a question about whether she is separated from her husband or dating someone else.

Patrick Condon, “D.C. consultant denies Rep. Ilhan Omar affair“, Star Tribune, Sept 4, 2019

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