Omar Opposes India’s Policy in Kashmir

Even the Indian media acknowledged “the number of lawmakers commenting on Kashmir could possibly increase when [US] Congress, which is in recess, reconvenes in September”. 

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, tweeted she was “excited to see so many members joining us in calling attention to what is happening in Kashmir”. She encouraged US citizens to “continue to call your members and ask them to speak up. We expect openness from India”. 

But those supporting the Kashmir cause in the US Congress also urged Kashmiris and Pakistanis to “ensure that militants do not get involved in this peaceful struggle”, as one of them said. They fear that the militancy could cause Kashmiris to lose whatever support they have in the United States.

Anwar Iqbal, “Kashmir issue may impact Afghan talks, warns US report“, Dawn (Pakistan), September 1, 2019
A valley near Kangan, Kashmir. My tendency is to think that everything Omar says is wrong, so if she opposes Indian policy in Kashmir then it deserves our support. However, I make an exception regarding her support for legalizing marijuana.

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