Leftists Wrongly Attack Rep. Emmer (R-MN) to Change the Subject from Rep. Omar

The second reason for claiming that Steyer is a Jew is ideological. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) actually is an antisemite. That embarrasses some leftists, who in most cases are reluctant to criticize her for it. I view that reluctance as unfortunate. For many leftists who still want Jewish support, it is far easier to try to change the subject to a Republican congressman who they can allege is antisemitic. In this case, they can gin up a story about how an attack on two Jews and a Christian in which Jews are nowhere mentioned is actually an attack on “rich Jews”.

Jonathan S. Mark, “Tom Steyer is not a Jew. Stop saying that he is“, Times of Israel, July 9, 2019
Some leftists are wrongly accusing Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) of antisemitism, in part to distract attention from Omar. They should cut it out. I am a Jew myself, and the author of the above article.

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