A Far-Left Daydream About an Omar Presidency

Let Trump win, destroy what’s left of the country and then the nation will be so angry that it will be ready for an Ilhan Omar/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ticket in 2024 (*). That’s a ticket I could get behind and would knock on doors for, and one that is plausible for 2024 given the sheer state of U.S. decline and carnage that will be the legacy of Trump’s second term.

The media will rail and flail against an Omar/AOC ticket, but to no avail. By 2024, the media, and the political elite, will have zero credibility with the American people, representing a drop of about two percent from current levels. Most of the population doesn’t give a shit what the media thinks now and no one will by then.

(*Yes, I realize that Omar cannot be president unless the U.S. constitution gets changed because she is not American-born. Don’t let reality intrude on my daydreams.)

Ken Silverstein, “Eight Reasons the Left Should Root for Donald Trump in 2020 and Ilhan Omar in 2024”, Washington Babylon, June 28, 2019

One thought on “A Far-Left Daydream About an Omar Presidency”

  1. One man’s day dream is another man’s nightmare. My daydream is that Omar /AOC will be long gone and forgotten by 2024. And they will have taken Tlaib and the rest of the Social Marxists with them.

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