It’s Not Just Jews: Omar Holds Hispanics in Low Esteem as Well

Cruz helpfully came along and explained that painting an entire race of people as being incapable of achieving goals and attaining skills necessary to better their situation is … kinda racist.

Cruz has often spoken of his father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, and his experiences in his home country of Cuba.

Omar Thinks Everyone Is Ignorant … Except Her

It’s really not surprising to see Omar paint all Latino immigrants as incapable of acquiring or already having the skills to qualify for a merit-based immigration policy. In fact, much of her criticisms in general are aimed at groups of people based on their race, religion or country.

Rusty Weiss, “Ted Cruz Explains to Ilhan Omar That What She Said About Immigration is Racist“, Mental Recession, May 31, 2019
Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the son of a Cuban immigrant, objected to Omar’s assertion that Latinos lack the skills to compete in a merit-based immigration system. In fact, millions of skilled people are fleeing Venezuela right now. And Omar defends the reason they are fleeing, namely, the dictatorial rule of Maduro.

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